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Counseling & Psychotherapy

Acute and chronic life problems can be hard to navigate alone. I facilitate you walking the path to resolution. You can tackle life’s hardest moments successfully. 


Technically speaking, when I am your counselor it  means I am your advisor. It involves both of us working together to solve a problem. For example, deciding how pursuing a career or job change would impact your life, help with parenting a child incident, financial planning, managing a relationship conflict and spiritual guidance are all types of counseling.  

Counseling is a collaborative effort between me and you. I help you identify goals and potential solutions to problems which cause emotional turmoil; seek to improve communication and coping skills; strengthen self-esteem; and promote behavior change and optimal mental health. 

In the context of mental health, counseling is generally used to denote a relatively brief experience that is focused primarily on behavior. We often target a particular symptom or problematic situation you are experiencing and offer suggestions and advice for dealing with it. 

In this setting, I offer you guidance, objectivity and support as you figure out ways to better manage life and adjust to change or adversity. Counseling can be for individuals, couples, families, and groups.



Psychotherapy is generally a longer-term treatment, although it may not be months or years, that focuses more on gaining insight into chronic physical and emotional problems. In psychotherapy we focus on your thought processes, and how these may be influenced by past events and current circumstances, and impact problems in the present. In psychotherapy we address the root cause and core issues of current problems so that lasting change and personal growth may occur.

Problems helped by psychotherapy include difficulties in coping with daily life; the impact of trauma, medical illness or loss, like the death of a loved one; and specific mental disorders, like depression or anxiety. 

I don’t think a single approach fits everyone. Examples of psychotherapies that I implement include Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Client-Centered Therapy, Positive Psychology and Strength Based Therapy. 

Reasons for Counseling & Psychotherapy

Stress & Anxiety

Personal Development

Parenting Challenges

Partner Infidelity

Attention & Concentration

Job Loss or Change

Strained Relationships

Trust Problems


Isolation & Loneliness

Communication Issues

Premarital Counseling


  • Focus on present problems and situations

  • Specific situations or behaviors

  • Short term therapy (for a period of weeks and up to 6 months)

  • Action and behavior focused

  • Talk therapy

  • Guidance, support, and education to help people identify and find their own solutions to current problems

  • Secondary process


  • Focus on chronic or recurrent problems

  • Overall patterns, big picture oriented

  • Long term therapy, either continuous or intermittent over many years

  • Feeling and experience focused

  • May include testing (such as personality, intelligence), talk therapy, other therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy

  • In-depth focus on internal thoughts/feelings (core issues) leading to personal growth

  • Primary process

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