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Neurostimulation is the purposeful modulation of the nervous system’s activity using non-invasive means. Using tACS, tDCS, and tAPNS we can enhance brain functioning and treat a number of specific symptom presentations.


Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation (tACS) is a device that applies a low-intensity sinusoidal electrical current to the brain through electrodes on the scalp. The technique can be painless and is thought to boost the brain’s own oscillations, which can be used to treat disease or enhance brain function. tACS oscillates a sinusoidal current at a chosen frequency to interact with the brain’s natural cortical oscillations. tACS applied in the EEG frequency range (0.1-80Hz) can entrain neural oscillations, augmenting them. 

Brain oscillations (or brain rhythms) are always happening in the brain and impact how we think, feel, and relate to brain disease. To change brain oscillations with tACS, is a way to tap into and control brain functions.



Transcranial Direct-Current Stimulation (tDCS) is a portable, wearable brain stimulation technique that delivers a low electric current to the scalp. tDCS is a neuromodulation technique that produces immediate and lasting changes in brain function. The current delivered by tDCS is NOT strong enough to trigger an action potential in a neuron; instead its “sub-threshold” changes the pattern of already activity neurons. Think of the brain as active, trying to do or learn something, and tDCS coming along to boost this ongoing activity.

tDCS changes neuronal firing and by strengthening synaptic transmission between neurons by augmenting synaptic plasticity which is, in turn, the cellular basis of learning. tDCS is often combined with training.

Reasons for Neurostimulation

Stress & Anxiety

Chronic Pain


Attention & Concentration

Accelerated Learning




Motor Performance

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