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Katie Petersen, MA, LPC

Katie Petersen


Katie Petersen | Licensed Professional Counselor 

Welcome to choose your own therapy adventure! I’m Katie and I’m honored to be your guide.

What is individual therapy?
Individual therapy focuses on you- your needs, desires, wounds, struggles, and aspirations. We look at your life experiences, how you show up in the world and with others, and where you want to go from here. Even if your partner/relative/friend isn’t interested in going to therapy, that’s ok. No need to drag an unwilling person to therapy- you can make changes in yourself that will change your relationships!

What is couples therapy?
In couples therapy, we focus on the dynamic between the two of you. We explore what you want to be experiencing and how to get there. We identify the ways you’ve adapted to keep yourself safe that are now keeping you stuck. You learn to better understand yourself and each other and create new ways of relating to deepen your connection. When you shift the goal from agreement to understanding, to fully and truly knowing yourself and the other person, you may be surprised at what opens up! In order for the work to be effective, couples sessions are a minimum of 90 minutes.

What is sex therapy?
Sex therapy is a more specialized version of the above. It’s for anyone, in a sexual relationship or not, who wants to work on issues related to sex, from developing a healthy sexuality to addressing dysfunction. It includes things like libido, arousal, attraction, orgasm, performance anxiety, infidelity, pain, consent, and the most common sexual issue among couples- desire discrepancy. Do you know that having a higher or lower desire to have sex than your partner is NORMAL? It can be uncomfortable but it’s also an opportunity to take your relationship to the next level.

What is intensive therapy?
I prefer doing more intense work with couples because it moves you along at a quicker pace with more depth. A 4-hour intensive session allows me to give you a thorough understanding of the normal progression of relationships, show you where you are stuck, develop specific goals for each of you, and practice the skills you need to feel and function better! You’ll be set up for success, off and running from our very first meeting.

Who am I?
Beyond my degree in counseling, I have additional training in couples, intimacy, and trauma. Curiosity and openness are among my highest values. I have great enthusiasm for learning and passion for helping people live their best lives. Outside of the office, I enjoy bingeing podcasts, dark chocolate, hot yoga, the natural world, and my teenage boys.

“How can I make an appointment?
Please note that I do not currently offer online scheduling. We can schedule via phone, text, or email. Reach out today to set up a free 15 minute phone consultation! I look forward to hearing from you.”


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